“Strengthening the research capacity and innovation potential of the Institute of Polymers at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for further integration into the ERA”


Support action
Grant Agreement Number 316086
Project coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Neli Koseva; koseva@polymer.bas.bg

POLINNOVA is a project funded by the European Commission within the EU FP7 “Capacities – Research Potential” programme. The 42-months project commenced on 01/10/2012 with coordination by the Institute of Polymers (IP) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The key concept of the project is to implement an Action Plan derived from a complete SWOT analysis. The Action Plan consists of coherent measures, initiatives, and activities that are designed to enhance the research capacity and unlock the innovation potential of IP. The Action Plan will be realized by mobilizing the entire IP human and material resources in close cooperation and networking with seven partnering organizations.

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