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http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S037851731200628X Stabilized micelles
Schematic presentation describing the improved pharmacokinetic parameters achieved by administration of paclitaxel-loaded stabilized Pluronic micelles (PTX-PM). For comparison, the same parameters calculated after administration of paclitaxel in the form of commercial solution (Taxol®).

Quaternized chitosan-coated nanofibrous materials containing gossypol: Preparation by electrospinning, characterization and antiproliferative activity towards HeLa cells
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Quaternized chitosan materials

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Dispersion of carbon nanotubes

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Antibacterial fluoroquinolone fibrous

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Novel cross-linkers for PDMS networks
A new concept for introduction of evenly distributed functional groups into PDMS elastomers has been developed.

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Electrospun non-woven mats from stereocomplex

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(Co)polymers of oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylates The aggregation of a series of linear oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate (co)polymers with low molar mass dispersities and well-defined structure was followed in aqueous solutions using light scattering and turbidimetry. The influence of the molar mass, copolymer composition, length of the oligo(ethylene glycol) side chain, concentration of aqueous solution, and heating rate onto the mesoglobule sizes was investigated.

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Synthesis and ATRP of novel fluorinated aromatic monomer

► A fluorinated aromatic monomer with pendant sulfonate group was synthesized. ► The monomer was homopolymerized in controlled manner under aqueous ATRP conditions. ► A diblock copolymer was also obtained. ► The polymers’ thermal properties were evaluated.
Synthesis of a new polynuclear platinum (ii) complex and its prodrug forms. evaluation of their cytotoxic properties
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Biodegradable polymer network encapsulated polyplex for DNA delivery
A novel gene delivery system is made by encapsulation of a polyplex between pDNA and cationic micelles with a biodegradable crosslinked shell.

Reversibly PEGylated nanocarrier for cisplatin delivery
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Reversibly PEGylated nanocarrier for cisplatin delivery

► Nanocarrier of cisplatin with a releasable PEG shell was designed. ► Cisplatin was used as reversible linker for PEG attachment to the star-shaped carrier. ► PEGylated nanoconjugates were characterized via diffusion ordered NMR spectroscopy. ► The PEGylated conjugates displayed improved features as cisplatin delivery system.

Janus Micelles as Effective Supracolloidal Dispersants for Carbon Nanotubes
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Janus Micelles as Effective  Supracolloidal Dispersants for Carbon Nanotubes



Supracolloidal hybrids: Soft polymer-based Janus micelles provide excellent stabilization for multi-walled carbon nanotubes (see scheme) in a variety of solvents, including water. The size ratio of the micelle′s stabilizing corona to adsorbing corona (Janus balance) is decisive for good physisorption and stabilization. The supracolloidal interaction preserves the structural integrity of the nanotubes, which is essential for maintaining their useful properties.



Study of the Potential of Amphiphilic Conetworks Based on Poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) as New Platforms for Delivery of Drugs with Limited Solubility
Kostova, B., Ivanova-Mileva, K.,Rachev, D., Christova, D.
AAPS PharmSciTech, 2013, 1-8 Article in Press

N. Koseva, POLINNOVA, Pan European Networks: Science & Technology, 06, March 2013
връзка към архива на POLINNOVA

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► The synthesis of two new green fluorescent dendrimers has been reported. ► Their photophysical and photochemical characteristics have been investigated. ► Infrared spectral characteristics have been discussed.

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Synthesis of multifunctional triblock

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Thermal imidization peculiarities

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Synthesis of a para-tert-octylcalix[4]arene

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polyphosphoesters bearing anthracene-derived aminophosphonate units

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nano-sized poly(methoxydiethyleneglycol methacrylate) colloidal templates

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Enhanced gene expression

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Hybrid liposomal PEGylated calix[4]arene systems

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Advanced Centrifugal Electrospinning Setup

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Polymeric Nanoparticle Engineering

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